They are left without food and water…

They are

exposed to violence

to violence

They become permanently disabled, left under pain and

killed cruelly.

No matter how innocent they are,

No matter how innocent they are,

worst ways.

The number of battered animals

is increasing each day.

Yet another day, we come across disturbing news reports that we don’t even dare to check.

Are our friends alone?

Won’t we be beside them as people respecting their right

to live and believing that they should live in the best conditions.

If you want to react and want your voice to be heard...

A tabby cat was found dead,

after she was tortured by

tying her feet with a nylon safety tape.


A stray dog was

beaten and fought until he got fainted.

They then threw him from a suspension bridge.


A quilting needle and scissors

were used on a pregnant cat,

which then was killed.


A kitten was found death,

after she was thrown

from a wall up in the high.


A stray cat was found dead

on the street, after being



A cat was found dead in

the middle of road, with his head being

hit with a hard object.


A cat was figthing for his life upon eating

chicken which was poisoned

and then died.


This dog was killed with a severe blow

on his head and his front feet

were tied up.


This dog was killed by two people

with a gun.


This dog was killed by her own owner, who


crushed him to with their car.


This dog was

thrown into the sea

in a beach down where he was killed.


A tabby cat was found dead,

after she was tortured by

tying her feet with a nylon safety tape.


The animal images used on our website are representative.

If you are really not a robot,

show your reaction with the #BenRobotDeğilim hashtag.

Don’t question what a mere tweet or post can do.

It can do a lot…

Your voice can reach out to millions!

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